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Ashleaf Jade Earring

Botanical Flora Collection - Where the timeless allure of gems harmoniously intertwines with the enchanting beauty of nature. Delicate leaves adorned with sparkling Tsavorites grace these creations, serving as a graceful ode to the elegance of flora. Meticulously handcrafted, each piece exudes exceptional artistry, evoking a sense of everlasting beauty.

Discover the "Ashleaf Jade Earring," a true masterpiece celebrating the blend of nature-inspired artistry and the timeless allure of jade. Meticulously crafted with captivating Burmese Type A green jade and 18K rose gold embellishments in the shape of delicate leaves, adorned with sparkling tsavorite gemstones, reminiscent of glistening dewdrops.

Ashleaf Jade Earring
18K Rose Gold - 4.15g
2 Jade - 13.32ct
Tsavorite - 0.50ct
Length - 3cm
Width - 1 -1.2cm

Item Code: C55E0248

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