Our Story

Your Bespoke Fine Jeweller
Carat 55 was established with the idea of bringing elegant, minimal, and finely crafted jewellery to all couples today.


Crafted with Care for Every Love Story

We carry a wide range of fine wedding jewellery from proposal rings and wedding bands to modern si dian jin or bridal sets - all customisable and tailored to each bride and groom. 



Design Your Life’s Story

With various designs in a myriad of styles for you to choose from, Carat 55 weaves itself into the life of any individual who likes to celebrate milestones and commemorate special occasions.


A Lifetime of Extraordinary Moments with Carat 55

From timeless engagement rings, everlasting wedding bands to personalised bridal sets and meaningful milestone gifts - these form the heart of Carat 55 and are crafted to stand the test of time. With an exclusive & personal design process, the intricate task of creating your bespoke ring is simplified  with a wide array of ring samples for you to envision. 

The Boutique 


Carat 55 officially opened its doors at 5 Tank Road in July 2017 and relocated to 3 Pickering Street in September 2022. The diamond studio provides expertise in sourcing the best quality diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). All diamonds are carefully examined by an in-house gemologist for the best cut and clarity. Working with artisans and craftsmen from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, and Hong Kong, Carat 55 showcases jewellery of the finest workmanship. 

Most, if not all jewellery can be personalised with your choice of diamond or gemstones and are set in either 18K rose, white or yellow gold. Nestled along a line of cozy shophouses by River Valley Road, our boutique is a stone’s throw away from Fort Canning MRT station (Downtown/Blue Line). Clients are encouraged to book appointments before their visit for a truly personal and well-tailored experience at our showroom. Carat 55 is run by women who believe relationships with clients go beyond a sale. This idea has become the foundation supporting the comfortable and inviting atmosphere that we strive to provide at Carat 55.

Our Founder

“Our designs are up-to-date, wearable, and can be personalised to suit the individual style of both men and women.” 

 As a second-generation jeweller, Zoie’s passion for jewellery started at a tender age of 7, when she would tag alongside her mother to visit jewellery factories and forge close bonds with the craftsmen there. Since then, she’s grown to love the precious gemstones crafted, and hopes to spread this love to those around her. It all started when she was shopping for her own Si Dian Jin (四点金) for her wedding, and couldn’t find designs that suited her daily wardrobe. As a young woman who’s always on the go, Zoie was on the hunt for wedding jewellery that was modern, versatile and comfortable. 

Carat 55 was birthed with the intention of creating a unique style of Si Dian Jin, made with diamonds and gold, to fit the everyday needs of modern brides. Keeping her jewellery at accessible price points, Zoie hopes that Carat 55 empowers modern brides to wear their jewellery beyond their weddings. At Carat 55, we also strive to create a seamless experience for all our customers, whether it’s designing bespoke wedding bands or crafting gemstones for engagement rings.  When it comes to helping her customers memorialise precious milestones, Zoie truly doesn’t settle for anything less.

Every piece of jewellery is crafted to be worn and loved. Rooted in this belief, Zoie is on a mission to bring Carat 55 to greater heights, one precious jewellery at a time.