Si Dian Jin Bridal Set

Si Dian Jin Bridal Jewelry


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Trixie Si Dian Jin Set

She, who brings happiness. Trixie is a collection that brings warmth and joy to everyone around. Blending vintage charm with refined elegance, let this collection be the guiding light in your adventures ahead


Spring bloom Si Dian Jin set 

The Spring bloom jade collection takes a modern spin on the traditional jade that is worn over centuries. These classic artful pieces are embellished with 18k rose gold flowers, forming a decadent look for soon to be brides. 


Enchanted Rose Si Dian Jin Bridal Set

 Enchanted Rose Collection 
The Enchanted rose collection brings out the elegance within any woman, by highlighting the soft defined features of a rose. Inspired by the renowned emblem of love and beauty, this set was design specially for redefined women inspired by the preservation of heritage and pursuit of romance.  


Love Sphere Collection

Add a twinkle of fun to your love with this playful collection. Love Sphere is an imaginative take on dainty gold beads to form unique constellations and designs. Just like a sphere that represents totality, this collection is an emblem of love that lasts forever.

Venus Si DIan Jin Set
Venus Collection

Inspired by the goddess Venus, masterfully painted by Botticelli in one of his most famous works, the Venus collection is born from the Pinctada Maxima oyster, a precious shell that gives life to the most fascinating gem of the sea: the South Sea pearl. In a play of tones and reflections, the iridescence of mother of pearl embraces the light of pearls and diamonds, creating a contemporary and young collection, suitable for a casual look.


Eternity Diamond Si Dian Jin Bridal Jewelry
Eternity Diamond Collection

The Eternity Diamond Collection is a  classic, timeless, and dainty suitable for any modern fashion-forward bride. Both simple yet sophisticated, an infinite amount of dazzling diamonds truly fit for a queen.


Pearl Si Dian Jin Set
Pearl Collection

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, although you can’t disagree, your greatest passion of radiant little pearls that exude nothing but utter beauty and elegance.
Perhaps the best-loved gems of all time, pearls—natural and cultured—occur in a wide variety of colors. The most familiar are white and cream, but the palette of colors extends to every hue.


Amore Si Dian Jin Bridal Jewelry

 Amore Collection

Italian for “love”, Amore represents all that we hold true and dear to. Intricately weaved together by Italian craftsmen, these delicate rose gold beads are a reminder of the simple blessings and beauties of love.


Adore Diamond Heart Si Dian Jin Bridal Jewelry

Diamond Heart Collection 

Strong like a diamond, unbreakable like armour. This collection is a reminder that strength lies in authenticity, and take heart that your truest self can overcome any odds that come your way


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