Jewellery Care

From diamonds to gemstones, pearls and gold, keep your favourite fine jewellery pieces looking lustrous and beautiful for a very long time.

Jewellery Care 

Take good care of your jewellery and they will keep beautiful for a longer time!

Your jewellery wears and ages, just like everything else. Here is a couple of tips to delay the process as much as possible:
Take off your jewellery before going to sleep, when you shower and when you do sports. By doing this, you will avoid your jewellery to be exposed to a lot of wear, moisture, sweat and impacts.

Make sure your jewellery is not in contact with cremes, fragrances, hair products and cleaning products. Especially gemstones can be sensitive to the oils and chemicals, that these products contain.

18 karat jewellery

All of Carat 55 jewellery is made of 18K solid gold. You're assured that it does not tarnishes over time like silver jewellery which requires more care for them. 

18 karat jewellery contains 75% pure gold. The rest is silver and other alloys. Your Carat 55 jewellery is guaranteed free of nickel.
18 karat gold jewellery can become darker over time, for example, due to grime and dirt. Especially in holes or around gemstones. When you need a cleaning and re-polishing of your jewellery, this is a service we can offer. 

Especially for engagement rings and wedding bands, we understand that you might need to resize due to weight gain or loss- we've got you covered too !

Contact our boutique , where we will do our best to help you. 


Check Your Jewellery

We would advise our clients to be conscious of their precious jewellery pieces. A fine jewellery piece's life span can truly depend on the wearer's

All we usually do with our jewellery is take it out of its box, wear it, come home and put it back. So to determine if your pieces need some extra care, sit down every now and then ­– unless you’d rather send your pieces to a professional – and carefully check your pieces. Usually, some jewellery pieces (or all of them) would need a little refresher.

How To Wear

After Sales Service
Carat 55’s diamonds are carefully selected and examined by an in-house GIA certified gemologist. Most of our diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) where a certificate will be provided to you upon purchase.