Wedding Rings: Which Type Of Metal Are You?

Wedding Rings: Which Type Of Metal Are You?


Do you need some help with ring shopping? To help you decide, we've created this little guide to help find out which type of metal you should get for your wedding band. 

Metal? What’s the fuss?  

Ideally, your wedding band should last a lifetime. And it’s material will affect its price, look and, how well it aligns with your lifestyle. So keep on reading to find out which metal is best for you.

Source: Carat 55


1. Yellow Gold

 Source: Carat 55 


Yellow gold is best suited for anyone who appreciates customs and culture. This metal is the most traditional type of gold for wedding bands. It’s timeless and will never go out of style. If yellow gold was a person, he would be the Kopitiam uncle (local Singaporean coffee shop) who’s beaming while you’re trying to decide between Kopi-O kosong or Kopi-O siew dai. When you’re finally ready to order, he’ll dab his forehead with his good morning towel and ask, “美女, 喝什么?” (Beautiful, what are you drinking?) 

Yellow gold is also valued for its versatility because it compliments all skin tones, and is the most ideal for olive and darker skin tones. The maintenance level of yellow gold is also very low, compared to other metals. It only needs the occasional polishing and cleaning to retain it’s shine. However, you should note that pure gold (24K) is too soft a metal for jewellery, like wedding bands. Most fine jewellers deal with 18K gold (a blend of 75% gold and 25% alloy — typically zinc, copper, nickel, or silver).


2. White Gold 

Pure Wave - For Her

Source: Carat 55 - Pure Wave 


White gold is the most gender-neutral type of metal for wedding bands. It can look both feminine and masculine, depending on the choice of your ring design. It’s a modern twist to traditional gold jewellery, and currently very popular with younger newlyweds. If white gold was personified, she would be the chic pantsuit wearing CEO with killer style and an even deadlier stare. The hundreds of goons working for her hate her guts but respect her even more.

The main advantage of white gold is that it's easy to match with virtually any piece of clothing. Dress it up, dress it down. Have fun and go wild! It’s great for wedding bands since it suits both man, woman, and anyone in between. White gold may not look like your traditional idea of gold but it’s actually made up of pure gold mixed with alloy metals such as palladium and silver which gives it its white iridescence.


Source: Carat 55


3. Rose Gold 

True Loyalty - For Her

Source: Carat 55 - True Loyalty 


Rose Gold is the most romantic of metals. It’s rosy, pink hues are reminiscent of sakura (cherry blossom) flowers blooming in the spring. If rose gold was a person, she would be every straight boy’s secondary 4 crush — young, strikingly beautiful, and someone you wished you had the guts to talk to but never did. The only difference is that now, you can still get a wedding band in rose gold. 

This special blend of pure gold, copper, and occasionally silver is best suited for warmer skin tones. However, depending on the composition of gold, Rose Gold can complement cooler skin tones too. Because the amount of copper in your rose gold mix dictates how red it’ll eventually appear. For example, 14K gold (58% gold, 42% alloy) will appear pinker than 18K gold (75% gold, 25% alloy). Essentially, the more copper, the rosier the gold. 

You might also notice that rose gold tends to darken as time passes. This happens because the copper alloy is prone to oxidation. This is perfect for anyone who appreciates the nostalgic, vintage look. However, rose gold can be restored to its original colour with some polishing.


Source: Carat 55



The Love Cuts - For Him

Source: Carat 55 - The Love Cuts 


 4. Platinum 

Platinum is the most durable metal. It’s best for wearer’s who lead an active lifestyle. In fact, during WWII, the USA banned all non-military use of platinum because it was a ‘strategic metal’. This shows just how strong platinum really is. But, this durability also means it’s generally more expensive to purchase and resize. 

Platinum is hardy, durable, and reliable. It is also hypoallergenic which means it’s great for individuals with naturally sensitive skin or even conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 

For anyone who’s concerned with the initial upfront cost, you’ll be glad to know that platinum requires very low maintenance. This means that paying more might actually mean paying less in the long run, and you won’t have to take it back to the jewellers as often.

Source: Carat 55


5. Carbon


Gold Inlay Carbon

Source: Carat 55 


Carbon is technically not metal but it's usually mixed with white gold and rose gold for wedding bands. It’s usually black and the most masculine looking of all the wedding band materials. Since it's a lesser known material for weddings bands, carbon rings are extremely unique. Similar to platinum, it’s durable and hypoallergenic. Which makes it a popular choice for individuals who lead active lifestyles. The scuffs on a carbon ring can also be easily sanded out with sandpaper. It does not get any more rugged than this. 


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