The Four Seasons Collection - An Ode to Asia's Heritage Gem

The Four Seasons Collection - An Ode to Asia's Heritage Gem

The Four Seasons Collection - An Ode to Asia's Heritage Gem


Experience the ever-changing four seasons with our intricately handcrafted

Jade sets that truly transcend time.


Merging both intricate fine jewellery craftsmanship and exceptional gemstones, 

these 18K solid gold beautiful blooms and emblems represent the four seasons as they gracefully wrap around this Asian heritage gem - Jade.


Our designs feature motifs of flora and fauna in full detail that undoubtedly capture anyone's attention 
as they glance upon it.




Spring is a spirit-lifting season where new life sprouts new beginnings. 🌸



Luscious jade greens and refreshing yet supple blooming cherry blossoms capture

this remarkable spectacle of Spring that only showcases its beauty for a brief moment.



The Spring Bloom Earrings feature beautiful 18K solid gold blooms

gracefully ascending on one's ears.


For special occasions, dressing it up is fuss-free! Add the dangling jade doughnut that elegantly trickles down for a sweet, elegant and classic look.



As Summer rolls in, we envision the play of flora and fauna enjoying the beaming rays of sunshine together. 



The feeling of this season is tastefully translated in the collection with two dainty and minimal motifs; a rose and dragonfly.



The enchanted rose does not only personify romance but warmth and passion as well.



The Summer Jade Earrings can also be worn two ways - with the dragonfly charm beautifully dangling, floating, and dancing through the air.



Autumn is represented by the Asian bamboo leaves delicately intertwined with the jade 🎋



Bamboo has always been the symbol of luck, health and values in Asian culture.





Its resilience, strength and adaptability have been lessons seen in fables

going as far back as ancient history.



The soft air and revitalizing cold of Winter are beautifully depicted by the light translucent green jade embellished with intricate diamond-studded snowflakes.



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