Remarkable Rings from "Crazy Rich Asians"

September 09, 2018

Remarkable Rings from

You've almost certainly heard of Crazy Rich Asians by now. And with everyone's excitement for the movie with its portrayal of Singapore's grandeur lifestyle, we can't help but share our love and our take on the movie's iconic symbols. Telling the story of the significance of heritage, family and marriage.

Warning: spoilers ahead!


In the film, we see how Eleanor Young (played by the wonderful Michelle Yeoh) opens her heart to Rachel Chu handing her precious emerald engagement ring over to her son;
giving him the approval to ask for her hand in marriage.

 Symbolising more than just acceptance into the family, the emerald engagement ring holds a whole lot of meaning behind its deceptively simple appearance.
It represents respect, strength, and sacrifices. The embodiment of self-worth.
With the autumn season rolling in and the rave over Crazy Rich Asians, this enchanting precious gemstone is making a huge comeback.  At Carat 55, we offer loose Natural Columbian Emeralds with certificates with an intimate selection process and environment for you to design your one-of-a-kind bespoke ring.
 Here’s our take on Eleanor Young’s iconic Emerald Engagement Ring 

Featuring a 2.91ct Natural Emerald from Columbia. Beautifully surrounded by
Oval and Pear shaped Diamonds with micropavé diamonds around its band.
Comes with GRS certification.

Here's another enchanting emerald engagement ring that's sure to catch anyone's attention.

This 2.54ct Columbian octagonal cut emerald ring is surrounded and highlighted by
pear-shaped diamonds with micropavé set round diamonds around its band.
Set in 18K White Gold. 
Comes with GRS certification.

 We also offer perfect pairings for other pieces like earrings.

Custom made for one of our clients, these vintage styled
emerald studs lend a timeless look to anyone who wears it.
Framing the 2.47ct emeralds are G/H Colour
VS Clarity white diamonds crafted in 18K Rose Gold.

Take a pick from our wide selection of Columbian emeralds that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Choices are endless at Carat 55 and we're here with you every step of the way as you to create your own custom jewels.
At Carat 55, we’ll guide you through the whole jewellery design process; from the selection of gemstones or diamonds to tailoring designs in 18KT gold or platinum. 

Let's not forget the first engagement ring Nick Young had proposed with!

And we all must agree that you don’t have to be a
#CrazyRichAsian to look luxurious and enjoy fine jewellery!
Priced at $1,850 only, this illusion diamond ring is closely similar to Nick Young’s first proposal ring. Featuring total carat weight of 1.0ct and crafted intricately in platinum. 
Here's another Illusion Diamond Ring Set that's closely similar.
Set in 18K White Gold, its intricate design gives the appearance
of a 1.5 ct Emerald Cut Diamond. With a total carat weight
of 0.65 ct. and priced only at $1,600.
Options are endless at Carat 55.
Make an appointment and we can discuss taste, style, budget,
and gemstones to make sure your piece of dream jewellery comes to a reality.

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