Jewellery Gift Guide: Milestones & Anniversaries

October 03, 2020

Jewellery Gift Guide: Milestones & Anniversaries

Buying Jewellery for someone else is often a very intimate process. From retrieving the recipient's size to discovering their personal taste, this process will constantly prompt you to think of them. It will bring you closer to them, in ways you probably never imagined. So, keep reading and discover how to go about your Jewellery gift shopping journey. 

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Which Type of Jewellery You should Get 

There are earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. 

Earrings and necklaces are usually the easiest to shop for, because they usually come in standard sizes. The tricky part is in choosing a suitable design. To do that, I recommend paying attention to their personal style or snooping through your recipient's pre-existing jewellery collection (like a creep or as I like to put it ‘A World Class Detective’). You can try to find new pieces of jewellery to match their existing collection or simply snap a pic and bring it to the jeweller's for some help. If you’re really worried, just stick to the classics, they’re your safest bet. 

You may want to check out the Trixie collection by Carat 55. It’s a pair of 18 Karat gold baguette diamond earrings. [Fun Fact: These diamonds are named after french loaves because of their long rectangular shapes, similar to their namesake.] These earrings also come in various shapes, round, cushion, pear, oval and trillium. 


Source: Carat 55 - Trixie Earrings


Source: Carat 55 - Origami Pig

Rings and bracelets are usually a little trickier since they are size specific pieces. The easiest way is to use one of your recipient’s pre-existing rings. Bring that ring straight to the jeweller's and have them measure the ring size for you. But, if that’s not an option, you can go old school with a pen and paper. Trace the ring's inner circumference on a piece of paper and bring it to your jeweller. Or put on your recipient’s pre-existing ring and mark a line below where the ring sits. When you get to the jeweller's simply match the ring sizer to where the line sits. If all else fails, you can always bring your gift back for resizing.


Source: Carat 55 - Bliss Collection

Step 2: CHOOSE 

Among The Different Designs. 

After you’ve decided which type of jewellery you’re getting, now it’s time to actually choose a specific design. On top of snooping through your recipients’ pre-existing collection of jewellery. You can take inspiration from their fashion choices. 

Source: Carat 55 - Stella Collection

What type of clothes do they wear? Feminine? Masculine? Or maybe it’s always the same few tops? 
What colours do they wear? Bright and loud? Simple and understated? 
What kind of styles do they gravitate towards? Minimalistic? Bold and eye-catching? 
You can also take cues from their fashion icons, by looking at who they follow on social media. 
No matter what you decide, just remember it's the thought that counts. 

Step 3: GIVING Your Gift

Source: Carat 55 - Aster Pendent

After you’ve bought your gift, you’ll probably need to hide your gift while you find the perfect time to give it away. Here are some possible hiding places: 

  • Somewhere in plain sight, like a bookshelf - sometimes the most conspicuous places are the least expected. 
  • A sock/underwear drawer 
  • A friend’s house 
  • In your pocket - if you’ve bought a tiny ring 
  • In your bucket of rice - it might work…? 
  • At the jewellers! Carat 55 will gladly keep your secret 😉 

Good Luck! 

All the best for your gift-giving journey! The team at Carat 55 will be behind you all the way. If you’re still worried, you can DM us on Instagram, message us on Facebook, WhatsApp us or drop us an email too.

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Jewellery Measurements 


Ever wondered how to measure your ring size or perhaps how long you would prefer your necklace to be? Here at Carat 55, we give you provide professional assistance to find your ideal fit. 

Your ring should fit your finger comfortably; snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle with some resistance. 

Please note that all our ring sizes are based and measured according to Hong Kong sizing. 

Click here for Ring Measurement Guide. 
Click here for Necklace Length Guide.  


Jewellery Care 

Take good care of your jewellery and they will keep beautiful for a longer time! shine beautifully for years to come! 

Your jewellery wears and ages, just like everything else. Here is are a couple of tips to delay the process as much as possible:
Take off your jewellery before going to sleep, when you shower, and when you do sports. This will help to reduce their exposure to wear, moisture, sweat, and impacts.

 Because your jewellery carries precious gemstones which can be sensitive to oils and chemicals, avoid contact with creams, fragrances, hair products, and cleaning products. 


18 karat jewellery

All of Carat 55 jewellery is made of 18K solid gold. You're assured that it does not tarnishes over time like silver jewellery which requires more care.

18 karat jewellery contains 75% pure gold while the rest are made up of other alloys. Your Carat 55 jewellery is guaranteed free of nickel

Over time, 18 karat gold jewellery can be exposed to grime, dirt, perspiration, and natural skin oils, all of which can build up in holes or around gemstones. To clean and re-polish your jewellery, you may contact us for a professional cleaning service. 

If you would like to resize your jewellery, especially for engagement rings and wedding bands, you may contact us too. Weight gain or loss is natural and totally okay, and we have you covered at every step of the way! 

Contact our boutique , where we will do our best to help you.