Introduction To Eternity Rings — How And Why You Should Get One

Introduction To Eternity Rings — How And Why You Should Get One

What Are Eternity Rings?  

If you’ve never heard of eternity rings, just remember, they’re essentially a symbol of eternal love. An eternity ring is a band made of precious metals (like gold) with identical gemstones adorned all around the band. 

An example of an eternity ring | Source: Carat 55 - Echium Eternity

What Do They Symbolise?

So you might be thinking, why do we give rocks to people we love? It all started in ancient Egypt, when the Egyptians made and gave each other simple bands of metal, braided reeds or carved bone that sometimes adopted the motif of a snake swallowing its own tail (“Ouroboros”). It symbolised the eternity of life. 

When Should You Buy An Eternity Ring?

As time passed, the eternity ring and its circular shape evolved to be a symbol of everlasting love. The complete circle’s lack of a beginning and end evolved to signifiy infinite love.

In the past, a mother would receive an eternity ring after giving birth to her first born. Husbands would also give their wives an eternity ring to celebrate a milestone in their marriage. Now, eternity rings are becoming an increasingly common gift for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day gifts and birthdays.


Eternity rings that can be gifts | Source: Carat 55 - Fuschia Eternity

How To Wear And Style Eternity Rings? 

Typically eternity rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, similar to engagement and wedding rings. This originated from Ancient Rome, where it was believed that this finger contained a vein which led to the heart. They coined this the vein of love or the ‘Vena Arnoris’. This also led to many women stacking their eternity rings with their engagement or wedding rings on their left ring finger. 

Some women also prefer to replace their wedding band with their eternity ring because it's often the most expensive ring they own. Others, who lead more active lifestyles, may prefer to wear their eternity ring on the other hand. But, there’s really no right or wrong way to wear the ring  as long as the wearer feels comfortable and confident. 

An example of ring stacking | Source: Carat 55 - V Eternity

How To Shop For The Perfect Eternity Ring?

Shopping for an eternity ring can be a stressful task, especially if you want it to be even more exciting than your engagement ring or wedding band. Continue scrolling for some factors you might want to consider while shopping.

Partial Setting or Full Setting? 

Different types of Eternity Rings | Source: Carat 55

The most obvious difference between eternity rings is its setting. Full settings have diamonds all around the band, while partial settings only have precious stones on the top portion of the band. 

An example of a full setting eternity ring | Source: Carat 55 - Hyacinth Channel Eternity Original Source File

Full settings are usually sparklier and shiner because they have more diamonds. Partial settings are usually less costly and easier to resize. Some wearers have also mentioned that partial rings are more comfortable because the diamonds and prongs don’t press against the skin. If you want a full setting but fear the discomfort, a ring in a channel setting could be a great compromise.

Width: Thin or Thick? 

Baguette Eternity Ring

A 4.0mm eternity ring | Source: Carat 55 - Till Eternity - For Her

Eternity rings come in a variety of widths. They can range from as thin as 1.0mm to as thick as 5.0mm.

Thinner rings are great for stacking and matching with other rings, like engagement and wedding bands. Besides, slender bands look more dainty and feminine. They are also usually less costly.

Thicker rings look great when worn alone. Its timeless look makes it easier to match with all kinds of outfits. And, the bling all around will definitely spice up any ensemble.   

An example of a thinner ring against a thicker ring | Source: Carat 55 - Slender 1mm Eternity


In a nutshell, there’s no right or wrong reason to buy and wear an eternity ring. It’s up to the individual and how you wish to celebrate the eternity ring.

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