Introducing Si Dian Jin 四点金, Bringing an Old Tradition Back into Trend

September 03, 2020

Introducing Si Dian Jin 四点金, Bringing an Old Tradition Back into Trend

In the early months of 2017, Eileen Gwee, Zoie's cousin, was on a search for a contemporary Si Dian Jin Set. She approached Zoie with the predicament that her efforts to find one was to no avail. This sparked Zoie’s idea of bringing the old tradition back into the trend - creating collections that cater to the modern bride.

Eternity Collection
The Tradition Behind Si Dian Jin 四点金

Si Dian Jin 四点金 is a longstanding custom practiced by the Chinese and is literally translated to “Four Points of Gold”. This four-piece set of wedding jewellery comprises a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet and a ring. It is gifted to the bride to be worn during the betrothal or the wedding.
This wedding jewellery symbolises a promise, a welcome into a family and a reassurance that the bride will be taken care of. This heirloom treasure is a perfect memento for the bride to start her new life with the promise of eternal blessings.

A handful of modern brides-to-be find themselves unsure about the tradition behind this wedding tradition. The four pieces of Si Dian Jin are traditionally made of solid gold. But in the present day, women are looking for pieces that they can wear long after their wedding.

Emerald Cut Illusion Collection

Redesigning Tradition with our Contemporary Designs

Carat 55 believes a Si Dian Jin Set for the modern bride should be loved, cherished, and worn for countless occasions to come. These jewellery pieces are designed to be timeless, elegant to be treasured for a lifetime. Each jewellery piece holds sentiment and a connection to precious memories, passing them down to your children and your children’s children, holding stories that can be told from one generation to another.

At Carat 55, the four-piece bridal set can be customised to match any personal style with a modern touch. Zoie designs most of the collections herself, sometimes collaborating with designers from Italy, Germany, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Most of our Si Dian Jin Sets are in the trendy rose gold, a popular choice amongst our customers.  Clients are also encouraged to mix and match the pieces from an array of designs to create a set that is personal to them and suitable for everyday wear.  We take tradition and put our little spin on it as brides-to-be can wear these sparkling jewellery not only on their wedding day but on other special occasions as well.

Enchanted Rose Collection

Our Collections

Love Sphere Collection

Spring Bloom Jade Collection

At Carat 55, all our bridal sets are exclusive and customisable. Book an appointment today here. Email:

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